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Temadag om organisk affald

19. november 2012 9.00-16.30 at DTU Lyngby
Program kan findes her.

  • Thomas Christensen, DTU: Velkommen og indledning om bioaffald som ressource
  • Claus Petersen, Econet: Kildesorteret organisk affald: Mængder, renhed  og systemer
  • Charlotte Scheutz, DTU: Gasemissioner fra hjemmekompostering
  • Thomas Christensen, DTU: Haveaffald – kompostering og forbrænding
  • Charlotte Scheutz, DTU: Gasemissioner fra centrale komposteringsanlæg
  • Jacob Møller, DTU: Biovækst: LCA af kombineret biogas- og kompostproduktion fra kildesorteret organisk dagrenovation
  • Thomas Christensen, DTU: Kompostanvendelse i have etc.
  • Martin Preuss Nielsen, KU: Emissioner i forbindelse med anvendelse af kompost på jord
  • Thomas Astrup, DTU: REnescience: En gennemgang af processen, potentielle anvendelser og miljøforholdene.
  • Jacob Møller, DTU: LCA af organisk affald -Hvad er kravene til data og LCA-metodik, og hvordan fortolker man resultaterne? 




8-9 April 2010

Toxicity seminar Access to the slides and the recordings here

Note that the seminar was broadcasted live to about 60 participants from all over the world. This initiative has enabled us to avoid the emission of 133 tonnes of CO2. This is equivalent to the average emissions of 13 Danish individuals for one year.

Toxicity aspects in life cycle assessment

Impacts from chemicals that are applied or formed and emitted during the life cycle of a product or service still constitute a weak point in LCIA. Compared to other impacts covered in LCA, chemical impacts are associated with large uncertainties and omissions both in the inventory analysis and in the modelling of both indoor and outdoor emissions to impacts on human health and ecosystems.
The graduate school 3R (Residual Resources Research) at the Technical University of Denmark is organising a two-day seminar on toxicity aspects in LCA. The event will include a technical seminar on day 1, and a short course introducing the UNEP-SETAC toxicity model "USEtox" on day 2. The seminar will be given by experts in the field (see below in the programme) and is targeted to any stakeholder concerned with or interested in toxicity LCIA, ranging from Ph.D. students to LCA practitioners, decision-makers, method developers, and experts from related fields. 

Click on the picture for the programme. Register by sending an email to: 3R(@)env.dtu.dk
If you want to register to the live streaming, you need to send an email, you will be provided with web address by return (Note that no registration will be accepted after April 7th, 2010).

Speakers include:

  • Michael Hauschild, DTU
  • Alexis Laurent, DTU
  • Morten Birkved, DTU
  • Ralph Rosenbaum, DTU
  • Mark Huijbregts, Radboud University
  • Stefanie Hellweg, ETH Zürich

24- 25 June 2008 

Greenhouse Gas and Waste Management
Emissions & Mitigation
3R Annual Seminar
(Glostrup, Copenhagen, Denmark)

This is the third annual seminar, organised by 3R. This year, the theme of the seminar is greenhouse gas and waste management, emissions and mitigation. This is an important topic, as the waste management sector has a small but significant contribution towards anthropogenic climate change. The waste management sector can also play an important role in some mitigation measures. This technical seminar will present some of the findings from our 3R PhD fellows in the context of greenhouse gas emission and mitigation.

We are honored to have three distinguished speakers:

  • Dr Jean Bogner, Coordinating Lead Author (CLA) for the Waste Management chapter for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4), Working Group III [Mitigation].
  • Per Christensen,  Professor at the university of Aalborg
  • Jens A. Hansen, Professor (Em.) at the university of Aalborg and editor-in-chief of Waste Management and Research Journal

The IPCC and the UNFCCC are running the international conference of the parties (COP15 ) in Copenhagen and we see this technical seminar as an initial milestone towards the COP 15 next year.

Summary and slides of the event now available here
29 February 2008

Waste Incineration Residues: from emission to impact

Organised by
3R (Technical University of Denmark)
Hosted by
Vestforbrænding Energy from Waste Plant
Ejby Mosevej 219, 2600  Glostrup, Denmark

Waste incineration has gone through tremendous developments within recent decades: flue gas cleaning technologies have improved dramatically and residue management has changed significantly over the years. With increasingly stringent limit values for air emissions, higher pollution potentials are routed to the solid residues. This requires more attention to the management and the potential leaching from these residues. To address this issue, the main Danish incinerators have, together with DTU, investigated residue management options and leaching potentials from typical incineration residues, and put this into a life-cycle perspective. To bring forward additional perspectives and insights, experts from the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology or EAWAG (Annette Johnson, Switzerland) and DHI (Ole Hjelmar, Denmark) have been invited.

We are grateful to Vestforbrænding for providing the venue, refreshments and lunch for the day.

(You can download the programme of the day here...

Request for a copy of the slides can be made for non-participants to the event to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  

10 - 11 May 2007

From Waste Collection to Waste Disposal
A Life Cycle Thinking Perspective
3R Annual Seminar

This is the second seminar organised by 3R. The objective of the seminar is to show the importance of Life Cycle Thinking in waste management and understand the practical implications of waste LCA research in waste management policy. Raffaella Bersani from DG-JRC, responsible for the EU LCA platform, has been invited to present an update on the situation of the Life Cycle Thinking at the EU level.

Programme available here
Registration form here and send it back by email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Access the location map from here  

7 February 2007
The objective of the seminar is to present the latest research findings with the participation of Professor Thomas Christensen, Assistant Professor Sander Bruun and PhD student Alessio Boldrin. 3R will also have the privilege to get a better understanding of the situation of compost at the EU level with a presentation by Dr Enzo Favoino, who has been involved in a number of European policy projects concerning biotreatment.

The programme of the seminar can be viewed here

14 December 2006
Presentation of the EASEWASTE model in Italy by PhD students Alessio Boldrin and Simone Manfredi Gestione integrata dei rifiuti solidi: Il modello easewaste (in Italian) Venerdi 22 Dicembre 2006, ore 10.00 Aula Didattica del Dipartimento IMAGE, Università degli Studi di Padova Via Loredan 20, Padova

The programme can be downloaded here
Outline of the EASEWASTE programme can be downloaded here

5 October 2006
2006 International research seminar on WASTE CHARACTERIZATION at Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Copenhagen

International experts from Sweden, Germany and Denmark present and discuss scientific and practical issues related to characterization of solid waste. Focus is on sorting and sampling of waste, subsampling, sample preparation and chemical analysis. Statistical issues and representativity are also discussed. Data from actual studies are presented as well.

16 May 2006
ANNUAL 3R SEMINAR at Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Copenhagen




3R Residual Resources Research 2006

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